Left Out

Ever feel like you just don’t fit in? I do.

It seems like my circle of friends is growing smaller and smaller as they become moms. Don’t get me wrong, I love these kids and their moms. But I can’t relate to the life they’re living. I want to be able to relate to the people I am with. If both parties make an effort, it can work. But how hard should we have to work?

A recent post on Facebook involved 3 moms talking about their kids. It made me think, will I ever be apart of that “club”?

Side note- I hate when people say “welcome to the club!” when people become parents. Like it’s some exclusive night club with a velvet rope and big bouncer. It hurts me. I know I haven’t been allowed in. I don’t need to be reminded. Stop saying it.

Moms probably don’t realize that just talking about their kids on social media isolates those who aren’t moms. Now I’m not saying stop posting stuff about your kids. That’d be like someone asking me to stop posting stuff about my dog. Ain’t gonna happen.

Dang it. I did it again.

The point I’m trying to make is if you have friends who are struggling to conceive, do your part to encourage them. We are being beaten down every single day by people just living their lives and loving their kids. You leave us out without trying. I would love to feel more included. I know it’s awkward. I know you are worried I might cry. You are worried you might say something wrong. It’s okay. I need you to try. For me, distance from people is what will ruin relationships. I’m okay with the messy part. But we have to talk about it. I’m usually pretty good about saying what I need and I need those close to me to tell me what they need too. Let’s stop walking on egg shells and try to live life.

It is so easy to feel left out while struggling to conceive. Your self esteem is down for many reasons. It may seem like you have to pour on the sugar 😜 a little more during this time, but it is so appreciated!  Having people in my life who encourage me mean so much to me. Don’t be afraid to ask how we are doing. It means a lot.

Since starting this blog, I’ve had so many people encourage and lift me up. You guys are the best. You make me feel loved and I like that.


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