House Fires, Baby Showers, and Disappointment 

Today is a typical roller coaster ride.

7am-It’s Friday! Yay!

7:02am-Oh crap. Baby shower at work. Can I do it? Sure I can.

8:30am-Uncomfortable but I can do this!

8:31am-News that our coworker’s house caught on fire and they lost everything. So sad.

11am-Return call from my doctor that our insemination won’t happen this cycle because the doctor will be gone.



11:30am-I’m still standing. They are alive.

1:45pm-Seeing people come together with TONS of stuff to help them start to rebuild what they lost.

3:30pm-Friends going out of their way to check on me and encourage me. 

3:37pm-More tears. Happy ones. 

4:30-I made it. I’m proud too. 

Today feels like one of those days that the day is battling with itself. There is something that is fighting to be celebrated all while terrible and sad news follows. Is there good to be found in the midst of darkness? Always. Is it hard to see? Yes. The heaviness felt today was felt many years ago when Jesus hung on the cross. I wonder if the people then could see the good in that situation. If they didn’t, what a surprise Sunday was!

Bad things happen for reasons we don’t usually understand. Our world is broken. Our people are broken. I’ve had a few people point out the good things that have come from the bad just today. I’m grateful for that. There is always hope. I know it isn’t always easy to see. I’m having trouble still today. But I promise, it’s there.

If you are interested in donating to the victims of the house fire, please let me know.


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