Goodbye Old Friend

10 years ago or so, I bought my Malibu Maxx. I was 18 and was engaged to be married the next year. I remember saying to Joe that the Malibu would be a great car to hold our future kids. A month or so later, we were at the mall and a lady with my same car pulled her baby stroller out of the back. I pointed it out to Joe and reminded him how perfect my car would be!

Now…today…that car is gone. We traded it in for something new. 

Along with a new vehicle, memories died. I never thought I’d be so emotional about getting rid of a car. But turning that car in was another reminder of what the last 10 years did not produce. 

I did get to bring my furbaby home in it. I’m grateful for that. I’m excited about this new vehicle and hopeful for the future. Change IS good, right?

Top left: Malibu Maxx

Bottom left and top right: New Jeep 

 Duke loves them both!


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