How Do You Like Your Eggs?

My favorite way to have my eggs has always been sunny side up with a side of white toast. I think I may have changed my mind today. I really like my eggs on my ovaries!

We had our ovulation check appointment this morning. My right ovary currently has one water sac which indicates a microscopic egg should be inside. My left ovary has the potential for an egg but is much smaller than the right. The medicine did its job and helped me create an egg.

Doctor predicts I should ovulate within the next 3 days. We will start ovulation tests tomorrow and be on the lookout for a positive ovulation test. We have never had a positive ovulation test so I would love to pee on something and have it be positive! If that happens, we will call the doctor to schedule an intrauterine insemination or IUI. That will happen most likely this weekend. The days following, if I have a positive pregnancy test, I’ll begin taking progesterone to help sustain a pregnancy. Doctor told me I get to pick a flavor because it doesn’t taste very good. Yuck! Maybe I’ll have to have Joe eat some onions to make it fair. He hates onions.

Please continue to pray and send good thoughts our way. No matter the outcome, we want peace.



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