We Have A Verdict

Treatment Update

On 5.25.2016 we took a pregnancy test. It came back negative. Later that evening, I began spotting. After doings some research, I began to think it could be implantation bleeding. This happens when the embryo attaches to the uterus.

Then today, more bleeding began. I called the doctor and after speaking with her, she does not believe me to be pregnant. With the timing of everything and a negative pregnancy test, it is not likely I am pregnant.

She advised me to stop my progesterone and she is calling in Femera again today. I will start that medication tomorrow and we will start the process over. Again. This will be our 9th round of fertility treatments.

Part of me is disappointed. Part of me feels relief that there is no change in  my life. It’s hard to explain exactly how I feel because I don’t really know.

Joe and I appreciate all of your support over the past few weeks and during the last 4 years.


20 thoughts on “We Have A Verdict

  1. so sorry to hear this. thank you for sharing your journey with us all. God’s using you for some amazing things-keep it up…


  2. Only someone who has heard those same words and had the same conversations can trully understand. I am so sorry and disapointed for you. I do not want to give false hope,or counter Dr.’s advice. …HOWEVER, here’s how one round of treatment went for me….The test was negative, spotting, then almost a full menstrual cycle occured. Support meds were stopped. Another round of treatment occurred. That test revealed not only a positive result, but, that according to hormone levels, we were VERY pregnant. They concluded that I had indeed conceived with the previous round. (No secondary tests were done with the previous cycle due to the amount of bleeding) I was beyond ecstatic…..I miscarried a week later. A D/C had to be performed days after that. In retrospect- they believed that the miscarriage was due to a combination of the fertility meds which I went back on immediately, and the fact that I was depressed almost to the point of despondency after the first negative test (and not taking very good care of myself). I am sharing this painful/personal story because I want you to continue to care for yourself. Because you matter to a ton of people, we love you and we need you healthy and because you want your body to be the best possible vessel for God’s plans. …..I LOVE YOU, LINDSAY. And am walking this road with you both. 💔💔💔💔


    1. Always grateful for your support and for God placing us together. Thank you for you experience down this painful path before us and helping us along the way. I love you lots too!!


  3. Hey Lindsay,
    My daughter Anna and her husband Chris are walking the exact same journey and you and Joe. I too have heard about their ups and downs that come with this process. Please know that as I pray for my kids as they go through all this, I often include you and Joe in those same prayers!


  4. L-

    I don’t know you personally but I wanted to convey that you aren’t alone but your story will inspire more women and men to come forward with their own story . Your struggles I could never be able to fathom as I have 3 children. I would like to send good vibes to you and your husband. I would also like to say good luck!!!


  5. I had to call the fertility clinic today and I have to start my next round of treatment. Part of me feels like giving up because this is just so hard. They also want us to come in for another consolation since the current treatment has be unsuccessful.

    I am so sorry you didn’t have positive results. I will still be praying for you.


  6. Linds,
    I’m so sorry, friend. Oh I so know the stress of the wait, the hope and expectation the guessing at every symptom. So so hard. I have been praying for you and Joe and will keep praying for wisdom. Listen closely to the Lord…he is the ultimate Comforter, Guide and loving Father. This is a key time when he will speak to you many things and bring you closer to him! And continue to take good care of yourself, it is so important!


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