Makin’ Progress

Treatment Update

This morning we went to the doctor for Joe’s semen analysis, to go over the itinerary for the next month, and to order meds.

A good friend gifted us some meds so there are a few less we have to order!

Monday is the saline sonogram. I will have a catheter inserted into my cervix so my uterus can be filled with saline while the sonogram is performed. This will allow them to look at the health of my uterus and check for polyps and fibroids.

From there, we will set up an appointment where we receive our medication and we will learn how to administer the shots. Then depending on when my period starts, I’ll go for blood draws on 9.21, 9.26, 9.28, and 9.30. This will be to monitor the medication and adjust the levels as needed.

Then the egg retrieval is tentatively scheduled for 10.2. I’ll be in New Buffalo that morning coming off an Andy Grammer high. So this isn’t ideal timing but it should work out just fine. Then the implantation would take place on 10.7.

These dates are all tentative depending on when my body decides to start my period. We have some control over it with birth control but my body has a mind of its own so we will see what it decides to do. I’ve had a rough go with meds so far so I hope that doesn’t continue.

We are both very excited about what’s to come next. Many exciting and nerve-wracking events are coming up. This feels to be the last attempt at having biological children.

Please continue to encourage us and pray for us. There will be lots of traveling the next month along with lots of stress as well. Pray our bodies cooperate and are comfortable.

Most importantly, pray that no matter the outcome, God is glorified in all of this.


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