Surprise Surgery

Treatment Update

Monday I went to the doctor for a saline infusion sonogram. This allows the doctor to get a better look inside my uterus. He did notice that I had two polyps also known as an abnormal growth of cells. They will be tested for cancer but they do not believe them to be cancerous. Along with the two polyps, my cervix opening is “teeny tiny” as the doctor described it. So, they advised us that I needed to have surgery to remove the polyps and to dilate my cervix to make the transfer in a few weeks easier.

It just so happens that the day after my sonogram, Tuesday, they had a surgery cancellation. This was great news because the surgery would not affect our IVF time line! I went in Tuesday for the surgery and everything went really well. The doctor was very happy with the outcome.

The time line is now as follows:

9.21 – Wednesday – Baseline blood work and we learn how to inject the medication

9.26 – Monday – Blood work

9.28 – Wednesday – Blood work

9.30 – Friday – Blood work and final instructions

10.1 – Saturday – I believe we do our final trigger shot to release the eggs

10.2 – Sunday – Egg retrieval in Bloomfield Hills. I believe I’ll go under again.

10.7 – Friday – Implantation in Bloomfield Hills


These are all tentative dates based on my period. But so far we are right on schedule!

I feel a little bit overwhelmed thinking about everything. I’m doing a lot of normal life stuff along with trying to get pregnant. For us, getting pregnant is like a full time job! There seems to be a lot of shifting of schedules and appointments trying to make everything work. I’m staying organized and that is helpful. I’m learning to let go of control. I think this whole process is teaching me to let go and to try not to have so much control over my life. It’s terrifying but I’m getting there.

It’s still hard for me to look at the list of appointments and all the stuff we have to do to POSSIBLY get pregnant. It doesn’t seem fair. I compare my story to everyone else’s. I’m working really hard on focusing on OUR story.

It’s unique. It’s filled with love.

And it’s ours.


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