How Did I End Up Here?

A good friend and fellow infertile gave me some of the best advice years ago. She told me instead of looking at the end goal or the big picture, just look at the next step. Focus on the next step in front of you. Tackle that and then look at the next step. If it wasn’t for that advice, I don’t think we would have ever done IVF because it was too overwhelming.

Whatever step you’re in on your infertility journey, it’s overwhelming. The decisions that have to be made. The communication that needs to happen. It’s a lot! Focus on the next step. If you and your partner agree to move forward, work on that one thing instead of the 15 that need to happen. It made all the difference for me.

I love these lyrics:

If i knew, what I was gonna have to go through
To get to where I wanna go to
I don’t know if I’d’ve come this far.

-Andrew Ripp

If I would have known four and a half years ago that I would go through 10 rounds of medication, two inseminations, a surgery, multiple injections, and my babies being made in a lab, I don’t know if I’d come this far. It all would have been far too overwhelming. But instead, we focused on the next step. I’m a planner so this did NOT come naturally for me. But it has been such a blessing. I’m learning to live in the moment today. I plan for what I need to but I enjoy the blessings now. At this moment, I’m pregnant. I’m enjoying that for the next week until the next step, the official pregnancy test. As far as I know, I’ve got two babies growing away in me. That’s the reality I choose to celebrate for now.

So if anyone needs me, I’ll be blissfully ignorant on cloud 9.


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