The $16,000 Question

My blood was drawn at 8:16 am.

We listened to the voicemail at 3:40pm. 

These are our two babies that were chosen to enter my body on October 7th of 2016. They were created on October 2nd of 2016.

The nurse told me this morning they like to see the hcg level around 100. Mine is 43.6. This is a positive pregnancy test. But I need my levels to continue to increase steadily. Back for bloodwork on Wednesday. 

I feel disappointed but still hopeful. 

Now we wait some more…


2 thoughts on “The $16,000 Question

  1. YAY! Small victory that it was positive still! Praying they keep growing strong and healthy and your levels keep increasing!

    You’re a strong and brave woman Lindsay so proud of you!

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