And They Lived Happily Ever After

I can’t believe the time is finally here! This week is our 2nd embryo transfer. 2 more days to be exact!

This is also my 50th blog post! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to write. I think it has created a lot of opportunity for discussion not just for me but for others that are where Joe and I are. I hope it’s made people I love more comfortable with talking to us about our struggles.

Both things I’m so excited for!

Thursday we head to Bloomfield Hills for our 2nd transfer. Two more embryos will be chosen for this journey. We are hopeful! Our doctor has made some adjustments to medication this time around so we hope that makes the difference! I started progesterone shots again Saturday. Today I started steroids. After the transfer, I’ll start blood thinners and baby aspirin. 

Our pregnancy test date falls ON Christmas Day! We won’t be able to do a blood test since our doctor is not open. So we will have to wait a couple of extra days. We’ve also decided not to test at home on Christmas. The last thing I want is a negative test on Christmas. No thanks! We will just have to wait a few days longer for the good news.

I am so grateful and excited that we have this opportunity a second time. I’ll be pregnant again! So much hard work has gone into this cycle. We hope that it pays off! We also are so grateful for my parents and their willingness and ability to pay for IVF. We could not do it without them.

Our hope and prayer is that we are able to carry these babies long-term. But if not, we hope and pray that we are able to continue to carry on this story and have an ending that is perfect for us and what God intended.

Our “happily ever after” may not be what we envision. But we will make it through. We have to.


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