The Little Embryos That Could

I recently was at a nail salon with my friend Heather. While she was checking out, the nail tech asked her if she had any children. She said that she did. The nail tech then asked me if I did. I debated. Do I answer yes and explain my situation or say no and leave it at that?

For me, this kind of thing has gotten a lot easier. I responded with “Well…yes, I do! I have 2 babies in Heaven and 8 that are frozen. 2 more will be going in tomorrow!” She wished me luck and went onto to tell me about her sister who went through IVF. We had a very nice conversation and me being open about my journey made it possible.

I had a similar situation at the credit union. I was putting some money into an account named “IVF”. The teller asked me if it was for what she thought it was for. I told her it was. She told me her story. She had seen the same doctor I had! I was able to give her a support group card and connect with her in a way I wouldn’t have been able to if I kept my life hidden.

We all have something that could benefit someone else if we care enough to speak up. Never doubt the influence you may have on someone.

It’s wonderful to connect with complete strangers on this stuff. I love it. It’s one of the greatest blessings of this journey. None of us are without struggles. Bringing the struggles into the light is hard but it can be beautiful. I can say, through all this pain, I have no regrets. I’d do all of this over again with Joe.

When you find the one
You hold on tight
You weather every storm
Till the sun shines
Even when it hurts, there’s no regret
Every breath you give, is another one you get

-Andrew Ripp, When You Fall In Love

Treatment Update

The transfer last Thursday went really good! Doc said that the embryos looked beautiful yet again! I had blood work done yesterday to check medication levels. All was good there as well. Next Tuesday will be our pregnancy test to see if these little buggers stick around! You can do it babies!




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