Good Riddance 2016

2016 was filled with lots of highs and lots of lows. Each thing made me grow. It made me grow closer to God. It made grow closer to friends. It made me grow closer to family. It made me grow closer to Joe.

2016 brought so much.

Blogging-I’ve enjoyed it so much!

A support group-Words cannot describe the joy these ladies bring!

IVF-We had the opportunity to try it twice!

Several friends pregnant-Tough stuff.

Relationships fell apart-Probably one the hardest things.

New vehicle-That was exciting! Decked out with Duke stuff  ❤

First positive ovulation test-That was exciting!

First surgery-Anesthesia is awesome!

Miscarriage-The hardest thing we’ve ever gone through.

2nd failed IVF-Heartbroken. We’ve lost 4 babies this year. 

Pregnant-2016 is the year we were finally pregnant  ❤

I’m grateful for everything 2016 brought. I’m ready for 2017. I hope it’s the year that brings great things our way. 

So maybe not so much good riddance…I’m grateful for everything for one reason or another. Receiving negative results yesterday is still raw but I’ll get there. 


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