Tomorrow’s Bloom

Have you ever been through something that you didn’t understand at the time but later it made more sense?

I’ve been there and those situations can be so frustrating at first. 

Several years ago, I had made friends with a new group of people. It seemed to work so well. I felt surrounded by love and support. But then it seemed that almost overnight the bottom fell out and those friendships were gone. It was confusing at first. I tried to figure out what I did wrong. Why did this happen? It took me going through more hard stuff down the road to realize what was going on back then.

Some people come into our lives to teach us things. Then they leave.

If I would have known going in that things would end, I wouldn’t have become as attached to those people as I did. But then maybe the lesson wouldn’t have been as strong. But I took so much away about what not to do the next time around. God has a way of organizing things for us that can make no sense to us at the time but He knows exactly what’s He’s doing for us.

I learned from a relatively new friendship how to protect my longest and oldest one. I’m hoping the pain of yesterday will help shape me to be better tomorrow and help me to not make the same mistakes I did back then. Some people are with us only a short time so we may learn from them. I believe some people were given to me to show me things. At first I was angry and sad that they were gone. But now I can see that the pain that was caused is small in comparison to what I could be going through today.

So can we be grateful for loss? I think when it’s fresh, it’s very hard to be grateful for stuff that hurts. But when that hurt helps protect you from something that would hurt SO much more, you find gratefulness. The hurt of yesterday prepares us for the beauty of tomorrow.

Those that have been apart of my life, no matter how short of a time, thank you. Thank you for teaching me things and preparing me for things we had no idea were coming.


Fallin tears will bring tomorrow’s bloom

Andrew Ripp – It Will Come To You


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