A Terminal Illness

My Last Days follows people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and have a been told they have a short time to live. The show is raw and brutal all while being beautiful. These people have been told they are going to die soon. We all somehow think they are in a different place than us but we all have a terminal illness and it’s called death.

These people radiate light. They know joy and peace. This is something that we all can experience because we’ve all been given the same ending. The timeline is simply a little different for each of us.

Many people I know use the day of the week to indicate how they feel. Monday means they are sad to be at work. Friday means they are excited that the week is over. Everyday in between is waiting for the weekend. Countdowns to vacations to get away from everyday life are all around. Complaining about the weekend being over is something you can guarantee seeing on social media on Sunday nights.

I’ve been sad on a Friday. I’ve been down while on vacation. I’ve been happy on a Monday. I’ve been happy to return home from a vacation.

We must shift our perspective. We must view the things we view as mundane as a blessing. We have to create a life we don’t want to run away from with a vacation every month. We must practice being grateful for our job, for traffic, for bad service, and all the things in between. You can train your brain to see the good in all of these things. When you’re intentional with your thoughts, eventually your brain will catch on and go that way without much work. Your job allows you to finance your life. Traffic means you have a car to drive and somewhere to go. Bad service allows you to show empathy to someone who may be going through something really tough. Every person you meet has something heavy that they have gone through or that they are going through.

We all have the choice to practice gratefulness. Don’t let this life be one that you only did what you had to do to get by. Let it be one that is full of love, goodness, joy, empathy, wonder, compassion, and hope. The ending will be the same for all of us but the journey to get there will not be. You have the power to make it amazing.

Find your joy today.

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