The Experience Of A Lifetime

So, I got to a do pretty amazing thing. I got to go on stage at an Andy Grammer concert and share my story of infertility, miscarriage, and loss. I’ve had several people ask how this happened and this is how it went down.

Andy has been on tour for a while and each night he went live on Facebook. I watched the first one and quickly found out what was happening. At a certain point in the show, he shares a time in his life that was difficult and how it helped him grow. Then he asks if anyone has something difficult they went through, how it grew them, and if they’d like to come on stage and share. Then he sings his song Wish You Pain which is all about growing from the hard stuff that comes our way.

Joe and I went to his show in Cleveland and we both yelled and screamed for him to pick me but he didn’t. Then we went to the show in Grand Rapids. I wasn’t sure if it would be the same set list as Cleveland. But sure enough, he shared his story and then asked if anyone had anything to share. Again, we yelled and screamed. Joe kept yelling “Andy! Andy! Right here!!” and kept pointing at me. Then Andy looked right at me and said “you’ve got one?” and I shook my head excitedly and he told me to come up.

I tried for so long to become a mom. After experiencing a miscarriage and a failed round of IVF, I was devastated. But I’ve found that many good things have come from motherhood not happening how I envisioned. This night was one of them. If I was a mom to my babies, I wouldn’t have been on that stage with Andy and sharing my story with 2,600 people in the room and countless others online. I wouldn’t have my very own song that Andy and his crew made for me on the spot.

The hook he wrote is:

You tried to become a mom for one but you became a mom for everyone

That killed me. Joe and I talked about it on the way home and we both agreed that’s something I’ve been saying for a long. Not having my babies here has allowed me to be a mom in SO many more ways. To have those feelings validated after a 2 minute story and have a song written about it was incredible. I truly believe that I’m on this earth doing what God intended me to do and that is be a voice for people who need it. I had so many people come up to me after I spoke and thanked me for sharing. They cried. They hugged me. They told me their story of infertility or how they know someone who has experienced it. It was one amazing connection after another.

I’m unbelievably grateful for the experience to share my story on stage. It is a night I will never forget.

Check it out here! Shoutout to the best videographer who shot this, my hunny!

4 thoughts on “The Experience Of A Lifetime

  1. Wow, that’s wonderful. I agree, there are many gifts that come from motherhood not happening (I call them my Gifts of Infertility and have written a whole series on it). You will without doubt have made women there feel less alone, and that there is hope. Brava!


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